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The objective of this course is to help the student acquire the necessary plans knowledge to prepare to take the requisite ICC Structural Steel and Bolting Special Inspector examination. Topics covered include:  general notes, typical details, schedules, abbreviations, symbols and many other subjects as they relate to structural plans.

The Structural Steel and Bolting Study Course includes 6 sets of plans and approximately 350 questions.

This ONLINE course of study is designed for structural plans study only. Signing up for Online study does not register you in any of the On-Site Courses.

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Online Structural Plans Course Instructions

Your first set of plans includes a Plans Reading Key Video and a Plans Reading Key PDF. Both of these tools help you to familiarize yourself with reading structural plans.

You will be able to open the set of plans as a new window on your computer. This will allow you to go back and forth between the plans and questions on your computer.

Each set of plans will begin with the Plans Scout Video. It discusses different details specific to this set of structural plans. Please watch this video before you begin the questions.

As you move through the exams, you will complete the questions on that exam. Some exams have our walk-through PDF, where you are guided to what you are looking for to answer that specific question.

After completing the questions on each exam watch the video for that exam. The video takes you step by step from question to answer and shows you each detail along the way. Then work your way through each exam in that set of plans before moving on to the next set of plans.

“Consult the current ICC Exam Catalog at for required references for examination.

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