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The objective of this course is to help the student acquire the necessary plans knowledge to prepare to take the requisite ICC Soils Special Inspector examination. Topics covered include:  grading, elevation, compaction techniques, density testing, water addition, lift thickness and many other subjects as they relate to structural plans.

The Soils Plans Study Course includes 2 sets of plans and approximately 100 questions.

This ONLINE course of study is designed for structural plans study only. Signing up for Online study does not register you in any of the On-Site Courses.

Included In This Course

Plans – In each set of plans below click the link “Click here for STR “#” Plans (opens in new window/tab)” to open plans

Exam Videos – step by step from question to answer including each detail along the way

Walk-through PDF on some exams – guides you through the process to answer exam question

Plans Scout Video – each set of plans begins with a Plans Scout Video

Plans will display only after clicking on the set of plans, Do not click expand.

Work Smarter NOT Harder!

Additional certifications provide more demand and marketability within the industry.  
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