Gary L. Larsen – Director, Co-Owner

Carolyn Larsen – Co-Owner

Gary Larsen has over 40 years in the Construction Inspection Industry beginning in 1977 as a Soils and Concrete Technician.

Mr. Larsen has worked in the field of Special Inspection in Southern California since 1985.  Throughout his career, he has obtained certifications, approvals, and licenses from many Southern California jurisdictions.  Mr. Larsen currently holds all of the ICC Special Inspection Certifications:

Mr. Larsen holds ‘Master Certificates’ for troubleshooting Concrete and Masonry from Aberdeen’s World of Concrete. Mr. Larsen is certified as a Proto II post-tension Masonry Inspector and has been certified as a Radiation Safety Officer by the state. He has also worked as a Disaster Service Inspector under FEMA in the 1994 Northridge California Earthquake.

Mr. Larsen has also acted as an expert witness and construction defect consultant for construction litigation proceedings.
For a more inclusive listing of Mr. Larsen’s accomplishments please request a curriculum vitae.

Gary and Carolyn Larsen have taught Construction Inspection for 30 years and owned and operated Larsen Inspection Training for 20 years.

Work Smarter NOT Harder!

Additional certifications provide more demand and marketability within the industry.  
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